About Brain-Based Wellness

Brain-Based Wellness is a virtual community that launched at the start of the pandemic to provide people with an easy to implement, daily practice of making the nervous system more resilient. This method puts the nervous system at the center of everything - whether that is behavior change, trauma resolution, movement and athletic performance and pain management. 

In order to have a new experience of life, ourselves and others, we intentionally train the systems that provide INPUT to the brain -- so we can experience a new output. 

Together, daily, and in community, we work out, work in and move forward. 

Brain-Based Wellness stands for looking at behavior and emotions with curiosity. It is a way of creating a system to KNOW yourself, your body, desires and needs. We use functional neurology, somatic practices, movement and body-based meditation to heal pain, remove limiting beliefs, rewire old patterns, resolve stress and anxiety and create calm, safety and well-being INSIDE ourselves.


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